Well-known critic of "Grander" water vitalisation faced with ruin: process costs of more than 24.000 € threaten his existence.

Grander water is ineffective

Since 1999, Biology Professor Erich Eder informs about the so-called Grander water vitalisation, aka Grander "technology", on his website.

Here he explains why Grander water vitalisation is ineffective.


In September 2003, Dr. Eder was sued for the first time (value in dispute: 19,620.- Euro). The trial took three years and ended in an overwhelming victory of Eder. Today, thanks to the 2006 verdict, Grander water may be called "esoteric, para-scientific humbug". Additionally, the moral reproach was considered as justified that "health of people is in danger" if they suffer from dangerous diseases like borelliosis or cancer, trust the effects of the miracle water, and possibly do without urgently necessary medical treatment.

Judiciary grotesque

Right after the 2006 verdict, a press release was published, which reported the long time Grander PR agent, Dr. Hans Kronberger, to be "replaced".  Eder analogously cited this press release, also stating the original source. Nevertheless, he was sued for that. The first court decided 100% in favour of Eder, and did so several times.

The High Court of Vienna, however, found in favour of Dr. Kronberger at all points.

Now, Dr. Eder has to pay 14,268.25 Euro lawyers' and court fees.

Read here all court decisions in full text (in German only).

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